Halal Makeup is the new Way to be

Muslims adhere to their faith not only in food consumption but also in makeup application. Islam preaches us to consume products and apply products that are not only vegan and cruelty free to animals. Many cosmetic and beauty companies are tapping into this niche market by getting Halal products certification to gain Muslim Clientele.

Makeup brands like Inglot had introduced Breathable Nail color which O2M which allows them to perform ablution a religious ritual before performing Salat. Many muslim makeup artists on youtube and instagram are emerging with brands like Amara Cosmetics, Few products of lush Cosmetics. In Pakistan Massarat Misbah is the only Halal Certified Pakistani Brand.

Halal is the way to be in the muslim world and cosmetic companies are cautious of this new emerging market, So go organic, vegan and Halal of course!

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