My Beauty Resolutions

Resolutions are never really fully followed but I believe that planning does give us a way forward to think and start a lifestyle according to that. I wish for a 100watt glowy skin radiating naturally without applying layers of foundation. What we need to understand is that its not just a list of high street brands or following youtubers, instagrammers to apply that flawless look, but its all about having a plan of action that calls for a healthy lifestyle.

Firstly, go for a healthy balanced diet that incorporates all the vital multi nutrients which super foods have to offer. Skin is our biggest asset which should be taken great care of. Drink loads of water not only in summers but keep yourself hydrated at all times. Eat fruits which are rich in water content or go for vegetable, fruit smoothies.

Seasons change and so does our skin. So go for moisturizing and use a lotion for cream that suits your skin type.

Sunblocks are a protective shield against UV rays not only in summers but also essential in winter skin regime.

A healthy beauty life is dependent on sufficient hours dedicated to the beauty sleep as hello who wants those eye bags or dark circles and spend loads of money on those color correctors.

So dolls its about taking care of yourself is superficial beauty is bought by cosmetic industry but it vanishes in thin air once makeup is removed and specially when our skin ages.

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