Glam up Gals

Hey lovelies glitter adds dimension and drama to not just an awesome night out with friends, a prom night or any special occasion it gives us the wow factor in our look.  Sparkle, shines, glow is my personal favorite. I simply love the idea of my eyes glowing with those sparkly particles beaming on my dewy skin.

Make up is all about experiments with different textures, brands, makes and colors. Trends are all about changing seasons which dictate us to exhibit flattering looks to steal the show away.

My style statement is applying glitter on my eyelids in the form of pigmented shimmer base shadows to make my eyes more prominent and magical. An even intense look can be carried by wearing an oxblood glitter lip with a cat-eyeliner to be the center of attention.

So beauties don’t shy away from glitter as its only about being a disco ball in the crowd but more of a charismatic magnet that draws attention to that sexy sultry glam up look.

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