Nail fun in the sun of 2017

Hey all lets have some fun with intricate patterns, bold hues and funky designs to mark this seasons heat. Its amazing how a small place on our body and is matched with fine details and splash of color. Our nails speak of our outfits and our cheerful moods. So lets play around with what this season of sun 2017 has in store for us.

The metallics have been making its mark on the beauty junkies style statement from shimmer, shine, glitter and glam. Golds and Silvers are perfect for an evening event or a celebration.

Lovelies you can also experiment with jewels and studs to carry that bedazzled look on this season.

The bold sultry, scarlet, oxblood tones of red are also this seasons classic statements.

If you are looking for subtle soft candy tones of coral and pastel shades are also must have beauties in your nail polish collection.

So its the time of the year where you don’t want to be stuck with the classic french manicure but wanna try the artsy twist of a floral pattern or sticker on one of the nails.



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