My Shoe Obsession

Hey all my eyes get stars when I see a sexy pair of jewel encrusted stilleto showcased in the designer stores. Yes I love shoes, and my longing for another pair is more of a lust for them. I love flats, strappy, sandals, jewel encrusted, studded, loafers, khussas, flip flops and kolaphuris are all my favourites.
Oh yes my closet is boiling with shoes and yeah I still want more. I dream of having those celebrity shoe rooms which are more like shoe showrooms than simple closets.
I am one of those many of us who say mom I need to buy another pair for a wedding or a birthday party.
My obsession ensures that I don’t wear my hot pick on a rainy day or if they are spoiled I will kill you!
We all have our lovelies but mine is my gold strappy stilleto which I adore like a baby with affection and care. So ladies do you hear that often that hello are you planning to start a shoe business or what. my response call me a shoeoholic but this love never fades.
So get on your favorite pair of shoes and tell me whats your story of shoes!

One thought on “My Shoe Obsession

  1. hehe- speaking as a shoeaholic, I can definitely relate to this post! my favourite pair of shoes would have to be my dupe version of the Charlotte Olympia cat pumps… everyone thinks that they’re ridiculous!

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