Smoothies a hype or reality in weight loss

Hi all smoothies are laden with nutrients and a perfect driving force and low-calorie to help us shed those extra pounds. So what can go wrong is that we end up adding those excess amount of fruits which are of course rich in fibre but what about the natural sugars they have.

We also end up adding the extra sweeteners in the form of honey or maple syrup for instance which again adds up extra calories in our fitness boosting drink.

Our smoothies need to be rich in fibres like kale, berries, avocados, kiwi, flax seeds and pears.

Look for recipes that are protein rich like soft tofu, beans, nuts, cottage cheese or protein powder.

So smoothies with the right ingredient of nutrients, vitamins and proteins not only boosts  the metabolic rate, gives more energy but keeps one hunger satisfied for long period of time.

Abstain from canned fruits or vegetables, go for low fat dairy products and protein rich foods. So I believe weight-loss is a reality come true with an accurate recipe which doesn’t fall in the sugar rich category of fruits and vegetables.

Nevertheless, a life style shift is required with a healthy diet regime where the smoothie comes in picture.

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