Confessions of a Beauty Addict

Hey lovelies I have been wondering to share my experiences so far as a beauty addict. Makeup has always been my guilty pleasure. I believe that we are all beautiful dolls and just need that extra touch of color and the wand (makeup brushes) to beautify our looks.

Living in a world where social media bombards us with new trends and looks everyday and beauty experts popping out from every nook and corner, I am also no saint to keep myself away from indulging in this lovely affair.

My personal style of makeup is dewy skin with coral nude lips perfect for those summery days. Oh Yes! glitter has always been my love since I was a teenager. I still remember adding sparkle to my lips and shimmer on my eyelids. Perfect for night.

For me makeup can break and make ones entire look complemented with a perfect pair of jeans, a lawn tunic or a prom dress. Makeup Gurus and Stylists conquer my beauty world and I not only shop for these little beauties packed in lovely packaging but I am pleased to review them as well.

So always on the lookout for innovative ideas, tools and products to help me in my journey as a Makeup Artist.

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