Perfecting that pout: tips

Hey dolls is it the texture of matt, shimmer or gloss that you are looking for over chapped lips. I love bright lipstick shades of orange, coral pinks and the ravishing killer red lips but how to have those well kept lips is another story and asks for care. I dont want to go for the botox to have those fuller lips.


Not only removes the dead skin cells it prevents lips from chapping. Make a simple formula at home with honey, brown sugar and olive oil and store in a jar. Use a gentle circular motion and massage on the lips and then rinse it off. Use a good lip balm to trap the moisture.


Well conditioned lips are easily achieved by using simple beauty products like petroleum jelly Olive oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, and coconut oil are all smart choices. Application is simple with a clean finger spread it or use a cotton bud. Use it on dry spots and avoid eating for an hour or so.

Use Lip Products with SPF

Inorder to protect your lips from discoloration, damaging and harmful UV rays go a lip balm that has SPF or wear a wear wide brimmed summery hat.

Hydrated Lips

Go for water and include it as an essential part of your diet. Also make fruits and vegetables a part of diet which have a richer water content. Avoid sugary drinks rather go for natural herbs detox water.


Lipliners should be used as they give definition to the lips and Use lip liner to fill and line your lips before applying lipstick. This will help the color stay in place throughout the day. One can even just add a dab of gloss to plump them up.

So dolls its not the lipshades which bring out the lip beauty its the natural and aura of ones healthy and smiling lips without breaking lines.


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