Summer Makeup 2017

Hey Lovelies the makeup world is also dictated by international runaway trends. This season its about carrying that perfect look by:
Go Glam
Sparkle and shine your lips with shimmer and glitter. Go for a glamourous look to complement your lips and outfit.
Natural Makeup with Luminous Skin
Flaunt out that radiant skin with soft and subtle look without contouring. So this summers go for a natural look.
Sunkissed Look
Ohh yes we love that tan and bronzed look on our vacations and invest in bronzers to carry that natural bronze looking skin this season.
Unicorn inspired Look
Its time of the year to play around with makeup art and go wild with your imagination to create that unicorn look on eyes, and go for the mermaid coloured hair.
Natural Eyebrows
Take centre stage as its the time of the season where eyebrows are not shaped back to childhood days.
So lovelies shine on with the glittery lips and glowing skin this summer 2017.

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