A healthy You

Hey Lovelies:

I have been contemplating over and over again about what is it that really matters in our lives. Do we long for all the riches in the world and our aspirations to be at their peak or is it the Healthy U we really want in our small life.

Well A healthy You to me is something skin deep its not just happiness that is superficial but it has a more deeper things in life. I long for a self satisfaction and mental serenity in my life (like we all do).

Who doesn’t want to start their day with a beaming face and a welcoming cup of coffee to start their day. At the same time we all wish for a carefree, fun loving and psychological and mental sense of stability in our lives. For me it could be a walk down the lane with my buddy or a guilty indulgence into my favourite dessert.

Psychological wellbeing at its peak also calls for the time when one wants to be a part of a healthy lifestyle and a strenuous regime to ensure that they enjoy in their old pair of jeans.

So for me a healthy You is more than the quality of life its something extra which drives us through the toughest of times to excel what may come our way!


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