Sarah’s Fashion Sense

I believe that when you look good you feel good. Fashion for me is a way to express my mood it lifts my spirits and gives a boost to my persona. Who does not wants to be in limelight by striking the latest piece from a collection. I have my own sense of style and dress according what makes me look good and in which I feel comfortable in. I don’t follow all trends blindly but pick up the things which glorify and define my sense of style. I feel that it is not just a matter of being a style icon by following all trends even if they don’t match your lifestyle.

I look at fashion with an open mind and it is wise to view it with one’s critical lens. As there is no right or wrong but it may not be the perfect choice of outfit you. For instance, a halter top may look ravishing on a skinny girl but the same top would not make a different type of girl feel comfortable in.

So for me fashion is important from a trend follower point of view to making a statement for an event. But what is important this that this very fashion does not erase your bigger self which is your identity and comfort zone from the picture.


2 thoughts on “Sarah’s Fashion Sense

  1. I feel a lot of women nowadays are a victim of what you call ‘fashion’. They tend to ignore their body shape, size and pretty much everything and blindly follow whats on the ramp. I wouldn’t mind wearing shirts which touch the floor as long as they flatter my body and specially if the new mini mid thigh shirts make me look awful! If you feel confident in what youre wearing, it really doesn’t matter what style it is!

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