Lipsticks for Men: A big No

Lipsticks for Men

Women use makeup to portray their beauty and makeup has always been associated with the feminine sense of style and their way of exhibiting their true look. However, we are living in a world of rapidly changing values and trends. Men are no longer confined to manly trends and have started using cosmetics to get in touch with the feminine aspect of their personality. Open up YouTube, Instagram or any form of social media, innumerable male fashion icons pop out in the most searched celebrities! This is evidence of the fact that the notion of male makeup artists is not new.

The Beauty Industry is endorsing this new and upcoming trend of male models wearing lipsticks and telling the crowd out loud that yes it is not just a female thing to colour lips and express our inner selves. Maybelline New York is the latest big makeup brand to tap into the rise of the “beauty boy”, appointing American YouTuber Manny Gutierrez as its first male ambassador following a similar move by its competitor CoverGirl in October 2016.

Gutierrez, who has accrued more than two million followers to his YouTube channel since he started posting makeup tutorials in 2014, stars in the brand’s new “That Boss Life|” campaign.

Men with makeup and beauty boys is an increasingly popular trend. Some people may appreciate it with open mindedness, saying that it’s a form of art and makeup that is not only an option for the ladies, but also for the men.

Cosmetics can do miracles and make men feel handsome but I believe that the masculine side has its own aura and appeal and makeup being used as a source of attracting female attention especially by a male is a big No, at least in my perception!

Lipsticks are meant to be used and flaunted by females and in our social construct it is hard to accept and absorb our male counterparts wearing classic bold red lipstick or any other shade. An occasional lip balm/moisturizing agent is more than enough when it comes to the boys!

Male grooming is another aspect of the beauty market but applying lipstick is not a pleasant sight to witness. Metro men is a famous concept where men believe that there is nothing unusual in displaying their true individuality, one of the ways being wearing lip color.

Nevertheless, whatever the beauty market or social media may endorse, I personally do not like to see a straight guy with rouge lips whatsoever the trend maybe as it is something totally feminine and against our norms, values and defies the whole opinion we have of what a man should look like.

Taking care of skin and lips by applying other beauty products is part of healthy skin regime but applying lipsticks like girls is beyond my imagination. So the boys out there should try and enhance their sense of style in terms of dressing up and grooming rather than resorting to extreme measures such as painting lips!

So guys get your act together and show off your style and individuality by being your original self without any lipstick and be happy of the way God created you. Lipsticks for men is not welcomed in my eyes.





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