SQ Collections

Islamabad’s  fashion scene needs a lift and our brand SQ collections is here to revitalize your wardrobe with its fresh ideas. SQ Collections is brain child behind this brand is a sister duo, who started designing their own clothes

initially taking this as a hobby later transforming into their passion. Their name is worth a million words,

it revitalizes your wardrobes. According to them; For us fashion has always been a hobby and later transformed into a passion. Designing outfits has always been my expression of exhibiting my creative flair and SQ collections my very sister duo label gave me that opportunity. Currently our target audience is the stylish lot who want abstract, floral and geometric and funky prints a part of their wardrobes. Our tunics have a simple yet elegant design philosophy of straight cuts. At SQ Collections world class embellishments, buttons, strings, stones and studs to add life to your daily wear. Their ideas are innovative and are always keeping up with the international trends as far as the colour palette and is concerned. Whoever dares to dress to impress with their stylish outfits check out their facebook page SQ Collections to have a look at their new designs and to order.










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